Cosmic Energy Healing

Cosmetic Energy Healing is the only alternative treatment method that is recognized by the World Health Organization. Its roots are in Tibet and became known in the West through the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimirov Petrov after a research that preceded the field of bio-energy and energy phenomena of the invisible world. The method is taught at a University in Moscow. It is based on the principles of Quantum Physics, so it is recognized as Scientific.

It combines energy therapy, holistic healing and psychology. In this way we harmonize our body material, psycho-emotional and mental.
The therapy is performed using special cosmic frequencies (waves of light particles flowing into the Universe) known as Cosmic Channels, which are of different quality and are used according to the needs of each organism. This is how the therapist co-ordinates, as the same conductor of this energy is used to achieve gradual restoration at all levels.
The receiver acquires better consciousness, so he can better manage his or her problems, whether it is a disease, something emotional or issues that concern him in his environment (family or professional). Interpersonal relationships between couples, parents with children, siblings, friends, etc. are also balanced. This is achieved by holding a stakeholder meeting at the same time.

It is recommended for:

• Clearing and balancing our energy centers (chakras).
• Cleaning, widening and enhancing our aura so that there is more protection from the negative energy influences of others.
• Smoothing the energy flow in the body and remove all kinds of blockages.
• Energy cleansing in the head, changing the quality of thoughts, removing phobias, melancholy, insomnia, depression, stress, and panic attacks.
• Rapid healing of incisions after surgery.
• Common colds and viral infections, allergies, musculoskeletal problems, hormonal dysfunctions, gynecological problems, headaches, thyroid problems, autoimmune disease (eg multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, lupus, etc.), respiratory issues, digestive problems, cardiological problems, stroke, arthritis , eye diseases etc.
• Revitalizing the body.
• Eliminating dependence on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol.
• Disconnection of end-of-energy relationships (death, separation).
• Improving memory (e.g. during exam periods).
• Success in our goals, increase in creativity.
• Cleaning energy spaces of our business or home environment, our automobile, other objects or animals we have in our lives.

This method is also helpful for healing from a distance.
One complete cycle of treatment consists of 12 sessions.

Cosmetic Energy Healing is a unique and natural method that aims to help us find and/or restore harmony and balance inside us and thus achieve a better quality of life.

"Filyra" Center of Lifelong Development

"Filyra" as a Center of Lifelong Development aspires to be the oasis that will offer you:

Flow of Light for
Inner Cure
Light Glowing Solutions for
Your Health problems and
River of Energy Flow for
An intense Love of yourself

Since from the moment we come into this world, the only person we will always have with us as long as we live is ourselves.

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