Holistic energetic massage

Holistic energetic massage is a kind of relaxing massage, where by using cosmic channels, it acts therapeutically on the receiver. This method provides excretion of physical and mental exhaustion and detoxification of the body through the lymph.
Massage exercises are soft so as to gradually unblock points of energy. Thus rejuvenating energy is released to flow freely through the body.
As a result, the receiver feels instant relaxation in stiff muscles, relief from any muscular pain, well-being, stress relief, better circulatory function and better sleep quality.

"Filyra" Center of Lifelong Development

"Filyra" as a Center of Lifelong Development aspires to be the oasis that will offer you:

Flow of Light for
Inner Cure
Light Glowing Solutions for
Your Health problems and
River of Energy Flow for
An intense Love of yourself

Since from the moment we come into this world, the only person we will always have with us as long as we live is ourselves.

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