Sarafijn S.B.T. (Stress and trauma imprint reset)+ Quantum therapy

It is Heinrike Bergmans' therapeutic energy approach, (, to release the stress trapped in cells and release them from the stored trauma to return to their former healthy condition.

Specific Soft Touch of 5gr. at reflexology points of the feet, cleans, balances and energizes the chakras.
Then coaching follows and somaemotional release happens to the receiver,
awareness of the changes needed to mutate old beliefs that no longer benefit him and prevent him from enjoying THE HERE and NOW.

The receiver realizes that he is much more than his physical body and step by step creates his new reality, he feels free from feelings that trap him and discovers the joy of life in all its aspects.

Quantum therapy is added to support the thechnique.

"Filyra" Center of Lifelong Development

"Filyra" as a Center of Lifelong Development aspires to be the oasis that will offer you:

Flow of Light for
Inner Cure
Light Glowing Solutions for
Your Health problems and
River of Energy Flow for
An intense Love of yourself

Since from the moment we come into this world, the only person we will always have with us as long as we live is ourselves.

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