Revitalizing Facial Treatment (R.F.T.) Natural fingertips lifting

It is an holistic natural method that offers body therapy through the face.
It is based on special application of massage with the fingertips to lift and revive every point of the face, neck, neckline and shoulders. It releases tension from the facial muscles, the skin is hydrated, the wrinkles are cleansed and getting lighter (depends on the age of the receiver) and the toxins are excreted through the lymph. The production of collagen and elastin is activated, resulting in resilience and the face recovers its natural shape.

A basic treatment consists of 6-7 sessions one per week of 70-90 minutes. The round of sessions can be repeated once or twice a year according to needs of the client. Each session acts cumulatively in the previous one.

1st Session: Face
2nd Session: Skull and Front
3rd Session: Area around the eyes and above the mouth (all facial muscles)
4th Session: Chin neck and décolleté
5th Session: shoulders, throat neck and décolleté
6th Session: general care

-Bright, calm and expressive face
-Toned epidermis, smooth and with softer wrinkles
-Swelling and dark circles under the eyes are improved
 or disappeared
-The skin's absorbency is enhanced
-The skin looks firmer as if it has been filled in

Additional Benefits:
- The connective tissue as well as the energy flow is released
- Better blood circulation
- Headaches and migraine
- Stress release
- Better sleep
- Deep relaxation of the whole body
- Autonomic nervous system balancing

We can also make individual sessions before a major appearance (eg wedding, speech, etc.)

Cases that can not be implemented:
Serious dermatological conditions
In cancer patients

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