Creative Healing

Creative Healing is based on the knowledge that the body is built with such wisdom to control its own healing.

How is this achieved? With the application of specific "lymphatic cleansing techniques" to relieve the decongestion and restoration of proper function not only of the circulatory and lymphatic system but also of the internal organs (heart, lungs, liver, bile etc.)

It is an extremely safe therapeutic massage method with significant results. The creative healer touching the body with absolute respect and consciousness through special techniques creates space in the body for its essence while facilitating the flow of energy, blood and lymph.

It is indicated for sinusitis, headaches, migraines, colds, allergies, digestive dysfunction, heart problems, pneumonia, thyroid. Rheumatic pain, back pain, saliva, etc.

"Filyra" Center of Lifelong Development

"Filyra" as a Center of Lifelong Development aspires to be the oasis that will offer you:

Flow of Light for
Inner Cure
Light Glowing Solutions for
Your Health problems and
River of Energy Flow for
An intense Love of yourself

Since from the moment we come into this world, the only person we will always have with us as long as we live is ourselves.

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